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Getting to Daegu

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How to Get to Daegu

Daegu is easily accessible through 3 airports: Incheon International Airport, Daegu International Airport and Gimhae International Airport.

International Access

  • Daegu Int'l Airport

    16 cities in 8 countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

    Flight Schedule
  • Gimhae Int'l Airport

    40 cities in 13 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

    Flight Schedule
  • Incheon Int'l Airport

    185 cities in 55 countries

    Flight Schedule

Domestic Access

  • Incheon Int'l Airport
    Direct Flight 50 mins KTX (Direct Train) Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins Airport Limousine Bus 4 hrs
  • Seoul Station
    KTX (Direct Train) Approx. 1 hrs 30 mins
  • Gimhae Int'l Airport
    Airport Limousine Bus 70 mins