Welcome Message

Welcome to the 23rd Asian Congress on Occupational Health 2020 (ACOH 2020) that will be held at the Daegu EXCO ( Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center) from 27 - 29 May 2020.

The Korean Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (KSOEM) is very proud to be hosting the Congress and looks forward to welcoming you to Daegu, Korea.

With the theme ‘Happier Workers’ Life: Translating Knowledge into Action’, ACOH 2020 will bring together occupational health researchers, practitioners and policy makers from all asian counties to share their collective knowledge about improving worker health and safety at the occupational health congress in Asia.

Expected Participants

  • Occupational health researchers in Medicine, Nursing, Hygiene, Ergonomics, Epidemiology, Toxicology, Psychology, Work organization
  • Occupational health practitioners: Doctors, Nurses, Hygienists, Ergonomists
  • Occupational health policy makers: Government, Enterprise, Union
  • Factory Doctors
  • Workers’ Union
  • Employers and Charges in Occupational Health Department
  • Occupational Health Institute


  • 187DAYS
  • 16HOURS


  1. Occupational Medicine
  2. Occupational Health Nursing
  3. Industrial Hygiene - safe and clean workplaces
  4. Epidemiology in Occupational Health
  5. Education and Training in Occupational Health
  6. Work-Life Balance
  7. Shift work and Long working hours
  8. Occupational Health for Health Workers, Construction, Mine, Chemical industry
  9. Reproductive Hazards in the Workplaces
  10. Respiratory, Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders
  11. Small-Scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector
  12. Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors
  13. Indoor Air Quality and Health
  14. Workers’ compensation insurance
  15. Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Health
  16. Women Health and Work
  17. Work Disability Prevention and Integration, Return-to-Work
  18. Occupational Health Governance

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